KIT Collective News



KIT is touring a robotic sound installation, Infrasense during 2006. Infrasense started touring in 2004 and will finish in September 2006 having exhibited at 11 galleries across the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Upon completion of the final show in Canada, a hard back book and DVD will be published featuring various text, images and stories from and about the project. Upcoming dates and venues of the Infrasense show are: -

May /June 2006 – Ben Maltz Gallery (lLos Angeles, USA)
post June 2006 -  Galerie Séquence (Chicoutimi, Canada)
post June 2006 -  L’Oeil de poisson (Québec City, Canada)

A new KIT + Robert Saucier project is being constructed during 2006. The working title for the work is Viralava and it is the second installation of the viral series of which Infrasense was the first.

KIT and Roberta Buiani from York University, Toronto, are editing a book to run alongside the projects concerned with virus culture. Tentatively called How We Learnt To Love The Virus, it is an anthology of 14 essays. Below is a paragraph from the books outline: -

“ We wish to redress and question the cultural balance, which portrays viruses in a pejorative fashion, by exploring new cultural dynamics created by the utilization of viral methods, models, codes or structures. In order to chart the growth and the wider implication of such phenomenon, the book will consist of an amalgamation of texts from media artists/activists, security experts, biologists and cultural theorists. A multidisciplinary approach to the study of viruses is needed at this point in our culture to help understand how we might reposition ourselves within this new viral paradigm shift.”