BFO Projects



Forest City Gallery  (London, Canada, 2002) 

Static  (Liverpool, England, 2001)

The New Gallery  (Calgary, England, 2001)

Galerie Dare-Dare  (Montréal, Canada, 2001)



Forest City Gallery  (London, Canada, 2002)

An anonymous group of 7 conducted the resident artists' duties. KIT, Mitch Robertson and Charles Goldman are the visiting artists.

Charles Goldman is tied up and blindfolded for refusing to give the necessary information to enter the gallery space.


Upon arrival to the gallery, the visiting artists are questioned about their intentions and are made to fill out various forms.

A member of KIT escapes the gallery and calls the police to create friction but the plan backfires when they try to arrest him.



Static  (Liverpool, England, 2001)

KIT and Mitch Robertson are the visiting artists. Becky Shaw is the resident artist.

KIT and Robertson arrive at the opening, which the resident artist has made 2 hours earlier, so people are waiting.

The audience have been purposefully misinformed by the gallery that we are trying to get the gallery shut down.

Robertson responds by making an igloo from paper, tape and metal tubing and inviting people in to drink whisky.

KIT meanwhile observes the crowd and writes observations about individuals on paper and makes flags of them.



The New Gallery  (Calgary, England, 2001)

KIT, M. Robertson, Daniel Olson and Nick Evans are visiting artists. The gallery curate John Ressler as resident artist.

Daniel Olson performs a number of spoken word recitals and Nick Evans constructs a coat, which he performs in.


KIT and Robertson produce a greenhouse like structure and place 90 air fresheners and cleaning agents in it.

John Ressler uses sound and dry ice and essentially makes the gallery a club like venue with ABBA on repeat.



Galerie Dare-Dare  (Montréal, Canada, 2001)

KIT, Mitch Robertson and Eric Heist are the visiting artists. ‘Women with Kitchen Appliances’ are the resident artists.

The 5 resident artists make it physically difficult to occupy space. KIT and Mitch Robertson work together.

Heist makes a temporary structure from a building tarpaulin. Inside he has a police scanner and framed pictures.

KIT and Robertson produce 3 structures made from metal tubing, tape and cellophane.

The hostility resides in a lack of space, noise and resident artists appropriation of the visiting artists materials.

During the installation performance, Eric Heist sits in his temporary structure scanning the airwaves for police calls.

The resident artists use sound, video and kitchen appliances. The noise produced by all the appliances is loud.