Re*Action Hero



Yorkshire Sculpture Park  (Wakefield, England, 1998)

Galerie Séquence
 (Chicoutimi, Canada, 1997)



Yorkshire Sculpture Park   (Wakefield, England, 1998)

Each Tekken landscape is cleared of scores and players. Soil is released from holes in the bottoms of the bags.

The title of the work derives from the truism that ‘reaction’ is an inferior form of learning to that of ‘reflection’.

The punchbag being an overt symbol of (inter)activity in the physical world is here emptied of its content.



Galerie Séquence  (Chicoutimi, Canada, 1997)

7 of the project's 10 hollow punchbags. Each punchbag has a landscape image from the video game Tekken printed on it.

The gallery space was previously a Video Arcade. A tombstone/videogame housing structure is under each punchbag