Airbag Architecture



Neutral Ground  (Regina, Canada, 2001)

Momenta Art  (NewYork City, USA, 2001)

Galerie Clark  (Montréal, Canada, 2001)



Neutral Ground  (Regina, Canada, 2001)

Materials from the interiors of cars are used to make trophy like 'skins', which are laid out on the floor and hung on the wall.

The shape of each ‘skin’ is based upon the centre panel of a car's steering wheel that covers the airbag on the driver's side.

In the centre of each ‘skin’ is a new airbag, which is zipped into the material so that it is modular and can be removed.


Using materials from the transient architecture that is the car, each ‘skin’ is produced as a collapsible structure.

The fabrics used are new car seat upholstery materials. Seat belts with buckles protrude from each corner of the 'skins'.

An image of a grey velour ‘skin’, which is attached to the wall and the ceiling of the gallery.



Momenta Art  (New York City, USA, 2001)

The ‘skins’ are exhibited differently in each installation according to the changing architecture of every gallery they show in.

Each equation represents a physical action within the 1-second time period between a car crashing and its airbags blowing up.


On each of the 8 airbag’s, a mathematical equation is sewn backwards into the material of the bag with grey thread.

Another set of airbags also form the installation. The bags have igloos sewn into them, another type of temporal architecture.



Galerie Clark  (Montréal, Canada, 2001)

The first exhibition of the Airbag Architecture installation is in 2001at Galerie Clark in Montréal, Canada

The lighting of the installation is such that a single spotlight is directed down onto the airbag portion of each ‘skin’.


For this show only the ‘skins’ are laid out and stretched over large pieces of grey dense industrial foam.

The seatbelts from the 'skins' are bolted into the floor which stretches them.