Galerie Observatoire 4  (Montréal, Canada, 1996)

Casino Royale Video Arcade  (Montréal, Canada, 1996)



Galerie Observatoire 4  (Montréal, Canada, 1996) 

A videogame housing is crashed into the wall of the gallery, which is in the same building as Casino Royale Video Arcade.
A landscape from the videogame that once inhabited the crashed housing is projected onto the gallery wall.



Casino Royale Video Arcade  (Montréal, Canada, 1996)

In the video arcade, 3 floors below the gallery, an interactive computer work is housed in a white videogame shell.

The videogame structure is based on the blueprints of the ‘block long’ building that the Video Arcade is housed within.

The purpose of the game is to find a missing vehicle that has escaped from the videogame and crashed into the building.