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Catalogue:  La Demeure

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Borderline Developments - A Short History of Our Company 



Catalogue: La Demeure
Published by Optica: Un Centre d’art Contemporain, Montréal, Canada, 2002




Catalogue: Great 39
Published by The Photographers' Gallery, Lonodon, England, 2001





Borderline Developments - A Short History of Our Company
Voice - over script for the 'Boderline Developments' infomercial
The Photographers' Gallery, London, England, 2001

Our first on - site development was contracted by Epilogue in Leigh, Widnes in the UK. Working with the local community was first and foremost in our minds when we undertook this project in the grounds of a local school. Being a start up company meant that our tools and methods were simple but effective. KIT Homes was the name of our first development and it offered the prospective buyer an opportunity to design his or her own home on a prime piece of contested real estate. The ownership of the land in question was under legal dispute by the surrounding community, the local authority, a nearby land developer and the Shell corporation. This was a perfect site for our small but ambitious company of dedicated staff to offer future drawn out settlements to the local community.
The school was to be knocked down to make way for a land developer and it was here that Borderline Developments stepped in so that those in the local community who had ideas about how the land should be used could do so. Submitting plans and blueprints to Borderline Developments, the would be home owner instructed our staff where on the playing fields they should mark out the design to its full size. This was a once in a lifetime offer made by Borderline Developments that was snapped up by interested local parties. In our pleasant on-site office settings, information about our future plans for the school playing fields were made available.

Following the marked success of the KIT Homes venture, we at Borderline Developments decided to expand our daily operations to become a multi national company. Offering new opportunities to our customers resulted in a large-scale investment in new technologies. The main feature of our acquisitions being a GPS driven robot. After linking the robot upto the Global Positioning System Borderline Developments then went about hooking the Internet up to the same system so that anyone with access to the Internet could effectively drive the robot from the comfort of their own home.

The first large-scale project undertaken by Borderline Developments with our new mark up and mark out system was in Ottawa on the Lebretton Flats. On this prime polluted tract of land we invited a global audience to design blueprints for structures that could exist on a toxic landscape. On site our porta-cabin office invited the general public and press to witness the robot drawing out the blueprints onto the contaminated site. Interested parties could also come in to see our impressive range of merchandise and useful products for a polluted existence. And yes, we are making one more special offer of these products on our site at Its first come first served and it is a contaminated offer for a limited time so get your credit cards at the ready and buy into your first Greyland future. The web page that was on show on the Internet and in the porta - cabin supplied the customers with research that gave great results about how the site had become heavily polluted and when. In 3 easy steps you can still find out how industrial pollution affected sites around the Ottawa downtown region. Remember this could happen to your city, so when it does you want to be ready to react and take advantage of this type of prime real estate.

The last Greylands project was undertaken in Mexico City, Mexico. Development began in March 2002 through our website and on-site on the polluted landscape. The on site location was formerly a park which previous to that was a landfill, another archetypal Greyland property that will offer you the best choices in hazardous dwelling. Borderline Developments are always ready and we hope that our professional organization and our sophisticated technologies can provide you with the service you need to enjoy polluted real estate that is springing up all around the world.