Greylands Showroom


Optica: Un Centre d’art Contemporain  (Montréal, Canada, 2002)

Centro de la Imagen  (Mexico City, Mexico, 2002)

Arte Alameda   (Mexico City, Mexico, 2002)

The Photographers' Gallery  (London, England, 2001)

Span Galleries / Experimenta Media Arts  (Melbourne, Australia, 1999)



Optica: Un Centre d'art Contemporain  (Montréal, Canada, 2002)

The Greylands Showroom is curated for the first and final time into a group show named La Demeure at Optica, Montréal.

The theme of the La Demeure group exhibition is portable and transient architectures. It is curated by Marie Frazer.



Centro de la Imagen  (Mexico City, Mexico, 2002)

At Centro de la Imagen a reduced version of the Greylands Showroom is exhibited.

Images from previous Greylands projects are mounted on the concrete wall.

Working in tandem with 'Arte Alameda' in Mexico City Centro de la Imagen exhibits photographs and has a working receptionist.

The Greylands logo is also mounted on the wall and information is given out at the desk concerning the Mexican project.



Arte Alameda  (Mexico City, Mexico, 2002)

The Greylands Showroom exhibit started as part of the Greylands project and later went on to show separately.

The large-scale plans on the table show aerial views of the site that Greylands is to be undertaken upon.

A detail image of the keychains which are produced as merchandise for the Mexican incarnation of the project.


During the Greylands project in Mexico City, the showroom was the headquarters for employees and documentation.

A showroom supervisor is present along with project information in the form of video, merchandise, research and photographs.

A detail image of the T-shirts produced for the project. Like the keychains, they are stacked on shelving units in the showroom.



Photographers' Gallery  (London, England, 2001)

In London, Greylands Showroom is exhibited for the first time as its own project, a travelling Greylands archive centre.

A detail image of the folders that contain research material. The showroom is painted in the company colours of grey and orange.


All the research on polluted sites that Greylands has visited is available as are the planning notes, photographs and video.

A video plays on the TV, advertising opportunities available through the ‘Borderline Developments’ housing company.



Span Galleries / Experimenta Media Arts  (Melbourne, Australia, 1999)

The Greylands Showroom exhibits separately from the Greylands project for the first time at Span Galleries in Melbourne

In the centre of the front panel is a trackball and buttons allowing the audience to interact with the work on the screen.


This initial version of the project is shown as a website on a plasma screen which is mounted within a rocking structure.

The unstable structure is covered in soil and Astroturf and can be rocked forward and backwards by the audience.