RAID Projects  (Los Angeles, USA, 2004)

Galerie Articule  
(Montréal, Canada, 2001)

Side Street Projects
 (Los Angeles, USA, 2001)

Blasthaus  (San Francisco, USA, 2000)



RAID Projects  (Los Angeles, USA, 2004)

Airbags are pinned to the wall of ‘RAID Projects’ by climbing holds in the final exhibition of the Poi.n-t project

There are 3 different pieces within the overall show at ‘RAID’. This image shows 7 airbags with igloos sewn into them.


Poi.n-t exhibitions result in different installations each time, but airbags, video and climbing holds are always used.

Wall mounted circular airbags have lines of text copied from the subject headers of spam e-mail written onto them.



Galerie Articule  (Montréal, Canada, 2001)

2 static structures are ribbed with seat belts and airbags are laid on top. Light emanates from inside each structure.

Flour is placed between the walls of the structure and climbing holds are mounted on the outside of the walls.



Side Street Projects  (Los Angeles, USA, 2001)

2600 lbs of flour is split into two piles in the gallery space. This image shows the pile which has an airbag placed within it.

The second pile of flour has a video projected onto it from the ceiling. The video shows a slowed down airbag laboratory test.



Blasthaus  (San Francisco, USA, 2000)

The first time the Poi.n-t project is exhibited in San Francisco, USA at ‘Blasthaus’ is as a video projection piece.

The image/sound of the video is a slowed down laboratory test of an airbag expanding and deflating slowly as if breathing.