Photographs from the A.D.I.E.U.  (Architectural Developments In Escape Units) Working Archive

(Windsor, Canada, 1999)



Photographs from the A.D.I.E.U.  (Architectural Developments In Escape Units) Working Archive

This project is an archive of 20 digital prints on watercolour paper. Each image is 90 x 70cms in size.

A range of commercial and industrial rooftops was photographed from cities around the world.

Each photographic manipulation of a rooftop is a sketch proposing a space where escape units could be located.

This image was taken in Chicago, USA and was considered to be an ideal space to install an escape unit.

The second series of A.D.I.E.U. are 3D renderings that outline 10 possible ways to escape a high-rise building.

Each AutoCAD 3D proposal suggests an alternative escape trajectory, from floating to traversing underground systems.


The first 10 images, of which 8 are shown here, are of rooftops shorn of their surroundings.

The rooftops appear to be floating in space with no structural support or foundation.

The photographic sketches are references used in the construction of a functioning escape unit for a high-rise building.

Escape Units for high-rise architectures would be used when the structural integrity of a building is compromised.

4 from the series of 10 images are shown here. The escape vehicle is represented by the red oval, apparent in each image.

'Greying out’ the surroundings in both sets of prints is used as an analogous strategy to mirror the desire to escape the landscape.



Artcite  (Windsor, Canada, 1999)

Exhibiting for the first time, the A.D.I.E.U. prints are hung in groups of 4. Each group has 2 pairs of images within it.

Each rooftop is paired with a 3D image proposing an escape mode. For each mode a soundtrack plays in the gallery.