Catalogue: Greylands
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Greylands. mx by KIT 



Catalogue: Greylands
Published by Arte Alameda and Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico, 2002


Catalogue text: Greylands. mx by KIT
From Greylands catalogue
Published by Arte Alameda and Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico, 2002

Borderline Developments

Borderline Developments is a real estate company dedicated to bringing you the best international sites available for remote redevelopment. Whether the site has a history of heavy industrial pollution, contested ownership issues or historical dispute Borderline Developments guarantees to locate your dream site with unique levels of residue. The Borderline Developments robot ‘Mobot’ is a unique company asset that marks out blueprints on contested real estate sites. Thanks to recent developments in Internet technology Mobot is directed by customers via our unique website at Whilst this facility is only available on the site during periods of active development, you can also browse details of developed site history, toxicity and details of existing customer blueprints, including sites affected by industrial pollution in previous developments. Sites like this could become available in your city soon and when they do you need to be ready to react and take advantage of this prime real estate.Borderline Developments is always at your service and we hope that our professional organisation and sophisticated technologies can provide you with the service you need to enjoy the many polluted real estate opportunities springing up around the world.

KIT Homes

KIT Homes was contracted by Epilogue in response to the imminent demolition of the Saints Peter and Paul High School in Widnes and was the name of our first real estate development in the UK. The school was originally constructed in 1952 with the local community paying a small contribution from their wage packets each week to buy the bricks. It was to be knocked down to make way for a real estate developer, an invasive construction of large private houses that quickly became a contentious issue. It was here that Borderline Developments stepped in to facilitate participation by the local community. Having submitted plans and blueprints to Borderline Developments our new clients selected a site on the playing fields where our ground personnel marked out the design to its full size. KIT Homes offered the prospective buyer an opportunity to design their own ideal home on a prime piece of contested real estate. Aerial photographs were taken of the site and then located in our pleasant on-site office where further information and souvenir postcards were also available.

Following the marked success of the KIT Homes venture, Borderline Developments decided to expand our daily operations to become a multi-national company. Offering new opportunities to our customers resulted in a large scale investment in new technologies. The main feature of our acquisitions being a GPS driven robot. After linking the robot to the Global Positioning System Borderline Developments then linked the Internet to the same system so that anyone with access to our website could effectively drive the robot from the comfort of their own home.Our new robotic mark up system was inaugurated at the end of 1999 with the development at LeBreton Flats, Ottawa. On this prime polluted tract of land we invited a global audience to design blueprints for structures that could exist on and utilise a toxic landscape. On site our portacabin office invited the general public and press to witness the robot drawing out the blueprints onto the contaminated site, to sample our impressive range of merchandise and products for a polluted existence and to browse our website for up to date information on the historical and toxic residue of their chosen site.

Borderline Developments the International contaminated real estate developers are pleased to announce fifty new plots for development at Tlanepantla, an area at the heart of Mexico City’s heavy industry. Development will take place through our unique website <> and on-site our robot will draw onto the polluted landscape, offering archetypal Greylands property that once again gives you the opportunity to design structures for hazardous dwelling. In the largest metropolis in the world, pollution is a way of life. This context makes it an ideal city for Borderline Developments to construct the new Pollution is visible above ground in the form of smog as far as the eye can see and we’ve located the perfect site with unique toxic appeal. Having successfully developed two major sites in the past five years this expansion into Mexico City also marks a new development into public polluted sites. The history of the site, information and instructions on how to send us your designs are available on the website. This site is highly recommended viewing for all those planning a toxic residence in 2002