LeBretton Flats / Artengine  (Ottawa, Canada, 1999)



LeBretton Flats / Artengine  (Ottawa, Canada, 1999)

The Greylands website invites people to draw architectural plans for polluted land of the LeBretton Flats in Ottawa, Canada.

The billboard of KIT’s housing development company called ‘Borderline Developments’ is set up on the Greylands site.

The robot is driven via GPS to draw out the architectural plans in real time and real size. It lays a 3-inch line of lime on the ground.

Inside the porta-cabin office, there are employees who oversee the project and explain what is happening to people who drop in.

An image from inside the robot when the seat is open. The plans it drew out were from unsolicited participants on the Internet.


Drawings are sent from the website to a robot on the LeBretton Flats via GPS. This is an aerial image of the robots drawings.

A 'Borderline Developments' porta-cabin is also set up to house the project on-site. The robot is stored in here at night.

Coloured in the company colours, the robot resembles a seated lawn mower familiar to many Canadian home owners.

A range of company merchandise including T-Shirts, keychains, mousepads, stickers and mugs is produced and distributed.

1.5 years of preparation went into developing Greylands. The robotic drawing stage was maintained for a 2-week period.